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I want to eat clean, organic & healthy food; drink clean living and healthy water and ensure we have a planet for our future generations to enjoy. I aim to live consciously, follow sustainable permaculture practices and contribute to our wonderful country.

By educating South Africans on sustainable, healthy living and healthy eating we hope to assist in a healthier country and environment.
By designing, implementing and maintaining food gardens we aim to empower people to grow their own food and make better use of our precious water supply.
By offering various workshops – Permaculture, health, fermentation etc we hope to empower people to live a more balanced healthy life.


We offer and facilitate a variety of workshops for individuals or corporate’s as team building exercises. We can also customise workshops.

  1. Grow your own food (How to make soil, design your food garden and grow food) – please inquire for specific dates R500
  2. Fermentation
  3. Learn how to do Hugelkultur
  4. Food Forests
  5. Container and vertical food gardens
  6. Children – learn how to grow your own food
  7. Organic, bio-dynamic, predator pesticide control
  8. Wellness made Easy
  9. The endocrine system – heal naturally
  10. The Microbiome and your immune system
  11. Aquaponics for home use
  12. Start an urban guerrilla garden
  13. Germinate seeds and grow your own food (how to plant seeds and take care of seedlings the Permaculture way)
  14. Training and Demonstrations can be arranged on special request. We will gladly tailor any courses to your specific requirements and site demonstrations can also be arranged.

If you are interested in any of the above workshops please email us for the calendar.


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