Hi Gillian,

You have created such an amazing permaculture veg garden for me, now I dont just save money, but what a bliss to eat healthy and pure from my own garden, pure organic food. I can recommend Gillian to come and design an organic garden for you, its healthy and clean food for your body and mind. Elske


“I hired Gillian in March to consult on a vegetable garden installation in my yard in Centurion. I knew nothing about gardening and did not want to take chances with trial and error. I have to say it was money well spent. My yard is not large and I have a medium size dog who still needed a patch of grass to play in. Gillian helped design a space based on the needs and desires of my household. Within a month of planting my garden I was eating and juicing from it daily. Now four months later in winter I still have a flourishing garden that is providing half of my weekly vegetables. I have learned so much in such a little time with Gillian. She is passionate about permaculture and shares knowledge and wisdom freely. My garden has brought be so much joy and nourishment. I do not believe that would have been possible if I had not consulted with Gillian. I highly recommend her services!” S

“Gillian planned and implemented an organic, permaculture food forest for me. Gillian has extensive knowledge about vegetable farming and always comes up with cost-effective solutions to every challenge. Gillian loves sharing her knowledge and can work extremely hard. Her services are very reasonably priced and I can recommend her and her company without any hesitation” . Estelle

“We had a wonderful opportunity to build a new house within Midstream Estate in Gauteng. The project was under immense time constraints at the end as we wanted to move in before 16 December when building contractors close for the year. Even though the building project was on schedule the estate rules required us to finish the garden before occupation can be obtained.
A passionate Gardner myself, I was looking for a partner to create and implement a cost effective garden design consisting of two separate areas to allow for the following:
Area 1:

– Water wise
– Low maintenance grass garden
– Child and dog friendly
– An outdoor space that can effectively be utilized for entertainment (swimming, braai, shade, outdoor movie night etc.)

Section 2:

– Vegetable garden
– Vegetables catering specifically to our needs
– Permaculture garden ensuring sustainable vegetables year round
– Accessible layout and design

I interviewed 4 companies and decided to utilize Terramadre, as Gillian is a qualified permaculturist which provided me with knowledge of vegetable gardening. We started of with a meeting to discuss timelines, cost, and requirements. Gillian probed and obtained an understanding of the my plant and design ideas. She did a design in record time, and after a few adjustments we were ready to implement within a weekend. She provided me with plant lists (including pictures) and information regarding the plants to help me make decisions on which plant/vegetables to utilize.

In order to save costs she allowed me to buy plants and compost from my preferred vendor. This was fantastic as her pricing was extremely competitive against other quotes obtained.

Gillian is not only extremely knowledgeable about sustainable vegetable gardening but is passionate about what she does at an extremely competitive price. She has fulfilled each and every requirement as listed above within a 2 week period. After completion of the project, she not only provided me with a vegetable garden schedule containing all the plants per garden section but also a “how-to” guide for the next year that guides me in when to harvest, how to mulch, nutrition requirements of each vegetables and a vegetable rotation guide!

It is with great pleasure that I can recommend her services.” Nelisa van der Merwe

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