Tasty natural treats for your pets

Logo and treat picture

Our furry companions just love treats, don’t they? And we all love to spoil them.
Pet e FOURS has a healthy alternative to store bought treats, which often contain ingredients like grains and fillers, preservatives, colourants and additives.
‘Our treats contain grass fed beef sourced from local ethical and passionate farmers. We add seasonal vegetables for an additional vitamin and mineral punch. The treat is slowly dehydrated and results in a chewy delight,’ says Elwynn, owner of Pet e FOURS
‘I started making treats for my furry kids three years ago. Family and friends were eager to share it with their pets and that’s how Pet e FOURS was born. Six products emerged which were baked biscuits containing meat, vegetables and whole wheat flour. I had a growing concern with my one fur pup having skin allergies on the stomach and legs. The licking and chewing of those body parts had us off to the vet for 2 years with skin scrapes and every available tablet and shampoo to try ease the discomfort. Nothing helped long term. I was desperate to help her and started researching and reading every available book and information source on animal nutrition. Since then all five of my fur kids have changed to my own home-made raw diet and revised treats which contain only meat and vegetables. Even our cat like it!
Our dog’s allergic symptoms have disappeared and her hair grew back. My passion is to now share that success with other pet lovers.’

Make fermented foods Saturday 5 December 2015

Health begins in the gut. Learn about your microbiome and why an organic diet is a necessity for health.

Gain an understanding of the fermentation process using 3 examples (kefir, kombucha and Kimchi)

Learn how to make your own Kimchi (Korean Sauerkraut)

Time: 10am-1pm

When: Saturday 5 December 2015

Where: Terra Madre, Karoo Square, cnr Lynnwood and Albeth Rd’s, The Willows

Cost: R250 (we provide organic produce and bottles just bring your favourite chopping knife)

To book please email Gillian at terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com before Thursday 3 December 2015.



Grace & Glory Goat Farm & Tea Garden

Hestie goatImagine goats smiling and singing joyful hymns while skipping down the valley….this is the image I was left with after visiting Grace  & Glory.

This little piece of heaven is situated in the Zusterstroom valley, adjacent to the Gousberge, on the banks of the Wilge River. Hestie Van Biljon and her family farm with goats, rabbits and chickens. Her four children, which she home schools, are all involved in the farming operations. The animals are very well taken care of. All the goats have little name tags, the chickens run around all over the place and the rabbits look very content. They only slaughter limited quantities of rabbit a month.

Twice a day they milk 17 goats. The breeds are Saanen – (white and generally gives the highest milk yield), British Alpine – (black and white which are Hastie’s favourites, have high butterfat content and therefore good for cheese making) and then the Toggenburgs (brown and white, same butterfat content and Betty, her daughters favourites).

Ansie, a British Alpine, is the best producer, providing around 4 liters per day. Elsa, despite having the largest appetite, is the worst producer with under a litre a day but she is a part of the family so that’s also fine by Hestie.

There is a lovely energy on this little small holding and I look forward to a long relationship with the Van Biljon family.