Learn how to do Hugelkultur

Hugelkultur are no-dig raised beds with a difference. They hold moisture, build fertility, maximise surface volume and are great spaces for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. Instead of putting branches, leaves and grass clippings in bags by the curbside for the bin men… build a hugel bed. Simply mound logs, branches, leaves, grass clippings, straw, cardboard, petroleum-free newspaper, manure, compost or whatever other biomass you have available, top with soil and plant your veggies and fruit trees
Cost R500
Included in the cost is a fruiting fruit tree, a light organic lunch and notes.
Payment will confirm booking:

Terra Madre SA (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no:62473027764
Branch no: 261649
Cheque account
Email proof of payment to terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com with reference Hugel and your name

Germinate and grow seeds


Sunday 25 March 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 29 April 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 27 May 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 1 July 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 29 July 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 26August (Pretoria)

Learn how to successfully germinate and grow your own organic food

  • How to germinate your own organic seeds
  • What is the difference between organic, heirloom and GMO seed
  • How to transplant your seedlings
  • How to prepare your beds
  • When to make and apply your own organic fertiliser and pesticide for your seedlings
  • Companion planting practical
  • Why mulching is so important
  • Planting a medicinal garden
    Cost R500
    Included in the cost is a packet of organic seeds, beverages,a light lunch and notes

Payment will confirm booking:

Terra Madre SA (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no:62473027764
Branch no: 261649
Cheque account
Email proof of payment to terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com with reference seed and your name

Ethically farmed free range lamb


We welcome a new supplier to Terra Madre this week.

‘Reared and raised on the open veld and ethically processed. We live by our principles and take a hands on approach to every step of the process making sure you know where your meat comes from. Our story is one of 4 generations of sheep farmers who understand that the best meat comes from the happiest animals’

Please read the wonderful article by Debbie Logan, owner of Organic Emporium on Aldersyde Farm

The Bread Gypsy

breadgypsyThe Bread Gypsy specialize in wood-fired baked artisan bread. Each loaf is hand shaped using Eureka Mills non-GMO stone ground flour, wild yeast and gentle mixing to create a thin, crisp crust and soft interior. They bake ciabattas, baguettes, seed loaves, 100% rye and sourdough breads that are healthy and low in GI.

The Bread Gypsy bakery is owned by Pauli Coetsee and Alicea Malan. Pauli completed her internship under Marcus Farbinger in Knysna and shares her trade knowledge with the team, whose typical work day starts at 2am.

Grow your own food


Saturday 24 March 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 28 April 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 26 May 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 30 June 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 28 July 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 25 August (Pretoria)

Permaculture basics and soil

  • What is Permaculture?
  • Identify your soil
  • Make healthy organic soil: You will learn 3 ways to make healthy organic soil
  • Basic food garden design principles
  • Plan your zones
  • How to manage factors
  • Companion planting: Combine your food garden into your garden design
  • Taking care of your food garden the natural way: organic pesticides, fertilisers, mulch
  • Water wise food gardening and the impact of climate change
    Cost R500
    Included in the cost is a packet of organic seeds, beverages, a light organic lunch and notes.

Payment will confirm booking:

Terra Madre SA (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no:62473027764
Branch no: 261649
Cheque account
Email proof of payment to terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com with reference Grow food and your name



See what others have to say:
‘Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop yesterday “Grow Your Own Food”. I got so much more than I expected. We will visit the Deli very soon’ Daleen Taylor.

‘Thank you for the workshop.  I enjoyed it and learned a lot.  I shall definitely make use of all the ideas and info. I loved your green soup. Blessings for your future plans’ Marlene.

Terra Madre joins PGS Bryanston Market


The PGS system was created by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) to support and develop emerging and micro producers who are committed to producing organic foods, but find the cost of certification by an independent third party certifier beyond the means of their operation.
Participatory Guarantee Systems, just like third-party certification systems, aim to provide a credible guarantee for consumers seeking organic produce. The difference is in approach: the assessment includes participation of farmers, consumers and other stakeholders in the verification process, a sharing of skills and knowledge and ultimately on going community monitoring.
Such involvement is realistic and achievable given that PGS is likely to serve small farms and local direct markets. Costs of participation are low and mostly take the form of voluntary time involvement rather than financial expenses.
The Bryanston Organic & Natural market has an established PGS network ensuring that the integrity and quality of the food supplied in the market is maintained in accordance with PGS standards.

Tasty natural treats for your pets

Logo and treat picture

Our furry companions just love treats, don’t they? And we all love to spoil them.
Pet e FOURS has a healthy alternative to store bought treats, which often contain ingredients like grains and fillers, preservatives, colourants and additives.
‘Our treats contain grass fed beef sourced from local ethical and passionate farmers. We add seasonal vegetables for an additional vitamin and mineral punch. The treat is slowly dehydrated and results in a chewy delight,’ says Elwynn, owner of Pet e FOURS
‘I started making treats for my furry kids three years ago. Family and friends were eager to share it with their pets and that’s how Pet e FOURS was born. Six products emerged which were baked biscuits containing meat, vegetables and whole wheat flour. I had a growing concern with my one fur pup having skin allergies on the stomach and legs. The licking and chewing of those body parts had us off to the vet for 2 years with skin scrapes and every available tablet and shampoo to try ease the discomfort. Nothing helped long term. I was desperate to help her and started researching and reading every available book and information source on animal nutrition. Since then all five of my fur kids have changed to my own home-made raw diet and revised treats which contain only meat and vegetables. Even our cat like it!
Our dog’s allergic symptoms have disappeared and her hair grew back. My passion is to now share that success with other pet lovers.’

Fermentation workshop

Sunday 2 July 10am to 3pm


Come and spend a fun day learning how to make your own kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi

Health begins in the gut. Learn about your microbiome and why an organic diet is a necessity for health. Gain an understanding of the fermentation process making 3 examples (kefir, kombucha and Kimchi)

Fermentation: The benefits of fermented foods on your microbiome and immune system is substantial.

I will tell you all about it and demonstrate how to make some of them. You will also learn why its beneficial for you and when is it appropriate to consume.
Cost R400 (includes your own jar of Kimchi and kombucha and notes)

You can also purchase additional kombucha, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, Kefir grains and scoby’s on the day.

Where: 91/3 Northfolk Road, Carlswarld, A.H, Midrand

Payment will confirm booking:

Terra Madre SA (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no:62473027764
Branch no: 261649
Cheque account
Email proof of payment to terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com with reference Fermentation and your name

Grow your own Winter food garden

One day basics Permaculture workshop Sunday 29 May 2016

Join in a fun day where you will learn:

What is Permaculture; how to make rich, organic soil; companion planting; organic pesticides, what to plant for your Winter food garden and the basics of starting a food forest.

Bring a friend,partner or your gardener and get a 10% discount on both bookings.


Make compost in 18 days!

Buying compost and fertilizers can be expensive. Without which your plants wont grow well. Most people think that making compost is time-consuming, labour intensive and takes months before you can use your hard come by black gold. I will show you how you can make organic compost in just 18 days.


Make a worm farm

Learn how to make a quick and easy, cost-effective worm farm and how to look after your worms and harvest worm tea and vermiculture.


Make soil using a no-dig bed/mulching method

Let us show you how to make soil the easy way – especially for areas where you have bad soil, a lot of rock, or don’t have access to costly labour.


Companion planting, organic pesticides & what to plant now for your Winter food garden

Certain plants are beneficial to each other while others act as pest deterrents. Learn how to group your plants for best crop results and how to make organic pesticide. Also, find out what you can grow now for your winter food garden.


The basics on growing a food forest.


When: Sunday 29 May 2016

Cost: R450

Where: Terra Madre, 21 Alexandra Street, Irene

Time 10am-3pm

(Bring your own lunchbox, refreshments and notes will be provided) Please email terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com to book by Thursday 26 2016.

Space is limited to 10 people for individual attention.

Payment will confirm booking.

Banking details for EFT: Terra Madre SA (PTY) Ltd, Bank: FNB, Account no: 62473027764,

Branch no: 261649, Cheque account. Email proof of payment to terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com.

Gillian 082 602 2882.