Ethically farmed free range lamb


We welcome a new supplier to Terra Madre this week.

‘Reared and raised on the open veld and ethically processed. We live by our principles and take a hands on approach to every step of the process making sure you know where your meat comes from. Our story is one of 4 generations of sheep farmers who understand that the best meat comes from the happiest animals’

Please read the wonderful article by Debbie Logan, owner of Organic Emporium on Aldersyde Farm

Grow your own food


Saturday 24 March 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 28 April 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 26 May 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 30 June 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 28 July 2018 (Knysna)

Saturday 25 August (Pretoria)

Permaculture basics and soil

  • What is Permaculture?
  • Identify your soil
  • Make healthy organic soil: You will learn 3 ways to make healthy organic soil
  • Basic food garden design principles
  • Plan your zones
  • How to manage factors
  • Companion planting: Combine your food garden into your garden design
  • Taking care of your food garden the natural way: organic pesticides, fertilisers, mulch
  • Water wise food gardening and the impact of climate change
    Cost R500
    Included in the cost is a packet of organic seeds, beverages, a light organic lunch and notes.

Payment will confirm booking:

Terra Madre SA (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no:62473027764
Branch no: 261649
Cheque account
Email proof of payment to with reference Grow food and your name



See what others have to say:
‘Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop yesterday “Grow Your Own Food”. I got so much more than I expected. We will visit the Deli very soon’ Daleen Taylor.

‘Thank you for the workshop.  I enjoyed it and learned a lot.  I shall definitely make use of all the ideas and info. I loved your green soup. Blessings for your future plans’ Marlene.

Certified organic pomegranates


We are a family run Organic Farm in the heart of Muldersdrift. Our names are Laiken and Jason Cullen. We are not your typical farmers. Laiken is a qualified school teacher, with a background in publication editing and Jason is a 3D animation director having done work for the TV commercial industry. Hence it is our backgrounds and drive for excellence that make us such unconventional farmers. Using our organisational and marketing skills, with a passion for learning, we started our boutique organic farm. After experiencing how difficult it was to obtain organically grown produce, and when we discovered the well documented health benefits of pomegranates, we decided to turn some fallow land into a farm, supplying the market not with just another fruit, but a Superfruit – organically grown Pomegranates.
We are Certified Organic by EcoCert with the European standard of Organic practices. We maintain the highest standards to ensure we receive our certificate on time, annually. Our soil, water and leaves are regularly tested and our soil organically fed to ensure our trees are well looked after and the fruit is of the highest quality – nourishing as nature intended.
We run our farm on biodynamic principles. We have chickens for pest control and manure, fish in our dam that enhances our water which in turn feeds our Pomegranate trees, a “bat hotel” for our local bats and last but not least we have 4 beehives just for our Pomegranate blossoms.
Consumers are becoming more aware of their health and eating correctly. There is a definite swing toward the organic market. Here At Ganico Boutique Farm we pride ourselves on being locally sustainable and farming on a small scale, which enables us to nurture the trees individually, supplying the best possible Organic Pomegranates.
See more about us at


Make fermented foods Saturday 5 December 2015

Health begins in the gut. Learn about your microbiome and why an organic diet is a necessity for health.

Gain an understanding of the fermentation process using 3 examples (kefir, kombucha and Kimchi)

Learn how to make your own Kimchi (Korean Sauerkraut)

Time: 10am-1pm

When: Saturday 5 December 2015

Where: Terra Madre, Karoo Square, cnr Lynnwood and Albeth Rd’s, The Willows

Cost: R250 (we provide organic produce and bottles just bring your favourite chopping knife)

To book please email Gillian at before Thursday 3 December 2015.



Free workshop – How to heal from the inside Saturday 28 November 2015

Workshop overview:

If you or your family suffer from IBS, auto immune disease, leaky gut, colitis, Chrones, allergies, rash, asthma, hives, sinus, post nasal drip, flatulence, bloating, insomnia or a run down immune system then you will benefit from this FREE, informative workshop.

Health begins in the gut. Learn about your microbiome and how your diet and lifestyle affects your health.

You will receive a basic understanding of fermented foods and why they are so good for you.

You will get a basic understanding of how pathogens can lead to various symptoms that often are misdiagnosed and how to correct this.

Time: 10am-12pm

When: Saturday 28 November

Where: Terra Madre, Karoo Square, cnr Lynnwood and Albeth Rd’s, The Willows

Cost: FREE

Space is limited to 20 people so please book asap by emailing Gillian at before Thursday 26 November 2015.

Fermentation workshop Saturday 22 August 2015

Workshop overview:

– Discussion: Health begins in the gut. Learn about the microbiome and your diet.

-The basics: Understanding the fermentation process using 2 examples (kefir and kombucha).

-Demonstration: Make your own Kimchi (Korean Sauerkraut) to take home.

Time: 10am-1pm

When: Saturday 27 June

Where: Terra Madre, Karoo Square, cnr Lynnwood and Albeth Rd’s, The Willows

Cost: R350 (we provide all utensils, produce, bottles etc)

Payment will confirm booking.

Banking details for EFT: Terra Madre SA (PTY) Ltd, Bank: FNB, Account no: 62473027764,

Branch no: 261649, Cheque account. Email proof of payment to

Gillian 082 602 2882.

Space is limited to 10 people so please book by emailing Gillian at before Thursday 20 August 2015.

Fermentation workshop Saturday 27 June 2015

Workshop overview:

– Discussion:The microbiome and diet.

-The basics: Understanding the fermentation process using 2 examples (kefir and kombucha)

-Demonstration: Make your own Kimchi (Korean Sauerkraut)

Time: 10am-1pm

When: Saturday 27 June

Where: Terra Madre, Karoo Square, cnr Lynnwood and Albeth Rd’s, The Willows

Cost: R350 (we provide all utensils, produce, bottles etc)

To book please email Gillian at before Thursday 25 June 2015.


Vania Le Roux
Vania Le Roux

Vania Le Roux-Dr Ferment Cultured Farmacy

I love simplicity. To observe. To align my lifestyle with nature. My background in Permaculture design together with my research into optimum nutrients and health led me to fermented foods and ultimately starting Dr Ferment Cultured Farmacy in Plettenberg Bay.

Soil needs microbes to digest/compost and make nutrients available for plants to grow, human cells are similar. The human microbiome consists of microbes (bacteria, yeast and fungi) teeny little guys that digests/ferments food in the digestive tract to make nutrients available to the body. When the gut is colonised with the good guys (pro-biotics) we have a strong immune to weather viruses, toxins and even stress.

It is the perfect example of Nature’s intelligence, so simple yet so powerful a tool in insuring our own health (the microbiome) and contributing to a healthy environment (the macrobiome). Fermentation preserves food, adds to the nutrient content, provides large amounts of pro-biotics and to top it all perpetuates this cycle of life in our ‘waste’ – ultimately it all ends up back in the soil.




Aquaponics! The first crop is ready for harvest


Karoo Square is a shopping destination with a difference. All the tenants are artisans/crafts folk. The setting is ‘farm in the city’  – where you can stroll at leisure amongst the plants, farm animals and various shops or stay a while for a hearty meal and craft beer or cake and freshly ground coffee.

Karoo Square has a strong focus on sustainability. With this in mind, a state of the art Aquaponics system has been under development for a few months now and this week sees the harvesting of the first crops of baby leaf lettuce. These will be available from Terra Madre from this coming Thursday. Soon to come are micro herbs and salads and a whole lot more. Aquaponics is an exciting, organic, symbiotic system which results in a sustainable protein source (Tilapia) and fresh, nutritional produce.