Grow a sustainable food forest


Saturday 18 February 10am to 4pm

The idea of forest gardens (food forests) was first articulated by Robert A. de J. Hart in his book “Forest Gardening” and subsequently became one of the key concepts in permaculture. A permaculture forest garden mimics the architecture and beneficial relationships of a natural plant/animal community that occurs in that climate. Food forests are not “natural”, but are designed and managed ecosystems that are very rich in biodiversity and productivity.

At our demonstration site, the food forests are designed to meet several goals that are universal, and that are specific to us:

to produce food for ourselves
to produce indigenous forage and serve as habitat for beneficial insects, pollinators, chickens, goats and birds
to create a wildlife habitat
to provide nourishment for our bodies through herbal teas and concoctions
to create beauty and sense of well being
to create shade and increase ambient humidity in hot dry climate of Johannesburg

to manage climate change via water wise gardening
to create a self sustaining food forest with its own microclimate

Where: 91/3 Northfolk Road, Carlsworld, A.H, Midrand

How much: R500 (we provide a light lunch a gift and notes)

Payment will confirm booking:

Terra Madre SA (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no:62473027764
Branch no: 261649
Cheque account
Email proof of payment to with reference food forest and your name

Germinate and grow seeds


Sunday 25 March 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 29 April 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 27 May 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 1 July 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 29 July 2018 (Knysna)

Sunday 26August (Pretoria)

Learn how to successfully germinate and grow your own organic food

  • How to germinate your own organic seeds
  • What is the difference between organic, heirloom and GMO seed
  • How to transplant your seedlings
  • How to prepare your beds
  • When to make and apply your own organic fertiliser and pesticide for your seedlings
  • Companion planting practical
  • Why mulching is so important
  • Planting a medicinal garden
    Cost R500
    Included in the cost is a packet of organic seeds, beverages,a light lunch and notes

Payment will confirm booking:

Terra Madre SA (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no:62473027764
Branch no: 261649
Cheque account
Email proof of payment to with reference seed and your name

Ethically farmed free range lamb


We welcome a new supplier to Terra Madre this week.

‘Reared and raised on the open veld and ethically processed. We live by our principles and take a hands on approach to every step of the process making sure you know where your meat comes from. Our story is one of 4 generations of sheep farmers who understand that the best meat comes from the happiest animals’

Please read the wonderful article by Debbie Logan, owner of Organic Emporium on Aldersyde Farm

Certified organic pomegranates


We are a family run Organic Farm in the heart of Muldersdrift. Our names are Laiken and Jason Cullen. We are not your typical farmers. Laiken is a qualified school teacher, with a background in publication editing and Jason is a 3D animation director having done work for the TV commercial industry. Hence it is our backgrounds and drive for excellence that make us such unconventional farmers. Using our organisational and marketing skills, with a passion for learning, we started our boutique organic farm. After experiencing how difficult it was to obtain organically grown produce, and when we discovered the well documented health benefits of pomegranates, we decided to turn some fallow land into a farm, supplying the market not with just another fruit, but a Superfruit – organically grown Pomegranates.
We are Certified Organic by EcoCert with the European standard of Organic practices. We maintain the highest standards to ensure we receive our certificate on time, annually. Our soil, water and leaves are regularly tested and our soil organically fed to ensure our trees are well looked after and the fruit is of the highest quality – nourishing as nature intended.
We run our farm on biodynamic principles. We have chickens for pest control and manure, fish in our dam that enhances our water which in turn feeds our Pomegranate trees, a “bat hotel” for our local bats and last but not least we have 4 beehives just for our Pomegranate blossoms.
Consumers are becoming more aware of their health and eating correctly. There is a definite swing toward the organic market. Here At Ganico Boutique Farm we pride ourselves on being locally sustainable and farming on a small scale, which enables us to nurture the trees individually, supplying the best possible Organic Pomegranates.
See more about us at


Gillian O’Shea – Specialised Kinesiologist

Specialised kinesiology makes use of muscle testing/bio-feedback to work on various issues in order to bring balance.

In my practice I focus on food intolerance, immune disorders, diet, pain, stress and emotional support.

What can kinesiology assist with?
◾Enhanced learning/learning difficulties
◾Boost sports performance
◾Eliminate emotional, physical and mental stress
◾Help with finances and decision-making
◾Pin-point and eliminate allergic reactions (IMRs)
◾Help overcome past trauma
◾Identify nutritional deficiency or excess
◾Help overcome fears and phobias
◾Aid the healing of muscle injuries
◾Relieve stress (often manifesting as neck, back, hip pain)

A kinesiology session lasts between 1 to 2 hours.

You can also book for a massage if you have pain or just want some stress release. I focus on trigger point and aromatherapy massage.

Give me a call on 082 602 2882 or email me on to book.


Blue Sky Organics, organic certified olives and more

Liz Eglington - Organic Pioneer

Fifteen years ago Liz Eglington was recovering from a serious immune related illness, assisted by only natural healing methodologies, herbal remedies and organic food.

“It was difficult to find REAL food full of nutrients and free of poisons, pesticides, antibiotics, GMO’s, growth hormones, chemical additives and all the other dangers associated with what they call ‘food’ on supermarket shelves,” she said.

She found a piece of land in the Klein Karoo, where she intended to create a healing centre for the critically ill on a barren and overgrazed piece of ground. There was abundant pristine air and clean water, so much needed for healing. The healing centre was to provide these essentials natural healing conditions and support all in one place.

Human bodies indicate the environment’s health

“Just as frogs are said to be an indicator species for the health of the environment, so are human bodies whose immune systems have stopped functioning,” she says. Our bodies are heavily bombarded each day with poisonous bad foodstuffs, lack of essential nutrients and life giving clean water, cell phones and computers, pollution, stress, smoking and alcohol, and the myriad other perils of living in this consumer age.

Eventually our immune systems just give up, and the healing journey from there is a very long and arduous one. Liz’s body gave her instant feedback on whatever she put into her body, which would only accept whole healthy pure food.

When the healing centre did not manifest she planted olive trees with the intention of farming organically, ethically and sustainably. Liz realized that the “healing of the land” had to happen first. What her body needed for healing was exactly what the land needed – and so started that journey back to health for the farm and the farmer. To read full article click here