Ethically farmed free range lamb


We welcome a new supplier to Terra Madre this week.

‘Reared and raised on the open veld and ethically processed. We live by our principles and take a hands on approach to every step of the process making sure you know where your meat comes from. Our story is one of 4 generations of sheep farmers who understand that the best meat comes from the happiest animals’

Please read the wonderful article by Debbie Logan, owner of Organic Emporium on Aldersyde Farm

Grow your own Winter food garden

One day basics Permaculture workshop Sunday 29 May 2016

Join in a fun day where you will learn:

What is Permaculture; how to make rich, organic soil; companion planting; organic pesticides, what to plant for your Winter food garden and the basics of starting a food forest.

Bring a friend,partner or your gardener and get a 10% discount on both bookings.


Make compost in 18 days!

Buying compost and fertilizers can be expensive. Without which your plants wont grow well. Most people think that making compost is time-consuming, labour intensive and takes months before you can use your hard come by black gold. I will show you how you can make organic compost in just 18 days.


Make a worm farm

Learn how to make a quick and easy, cost-effective worm farm and how to look after your worms and harvest worm tea and vermiculture.


Make soil using a no-dig bed/mulching method

Let us show you how to make soil the easy way – especially for areas where you have bad soil, a lot of rock, or don’t have access to costly labour.


Companion planting, organic pesticides & what to plant now for your Winter food garden

Certain plants are beneficial to each other while others act as pest deterrents. Learn how to group your plants for best crop results and how to make organic pesticide. Also, find out what you can grow now for your winter food garden.


The basics on growing a food forest.


When: Sunday 29 May 2016

Cost: R450

Where: Terra Madre, 21 Alexandra Street, Irene

Time 10am-3pm

(Bring your own lunchbox, refreshments and notes will be provided) Please email to book by Thursday 26 2016.

Space is limited to 10 people for individual attention.

Payment will confirm booking.

Banking details for EFT: Terra Madre SA (PTY) Ltd, Bank: FNB, Account no: 62473027764,

Branch no: 261649, Cheque account. Email proof of payment to

Gillian 082 602 2882.

Certified organic ready made meals from Boomplaats


David and Karen farm organically in Zastron with beef, mutton, pork and venison. They produce an organic ready cooked, grass fed beef stew in three varieties, original, banting and curry. It is truly a slow food served fast. It just needs to be taken out the freezer in the morning and allowed to defrost throughout the day. Then you just heat it up and serve for dinner with rice or bread. The 1 litre packs will feed a family of three to four. This is a great healthy alternative to the other common unhealthy fast foods that moms and dads generally have to purchase as there is no time or energy to make a healthy nutritious meal for the family after a long day.

The feedback and interest received has been amazing. People want healthy, sustainable, natural and nutritious farm grown food. Free of growth hormones, antibiotics and all the other cancer causing poisons that gets used in commercial food products.

Our eggs sourced in “Harmony”

ruthRuth  from New Harmony Farm is steadfast and true and solid in her connection to life, soil and her farm and uncompromising in her standards. The result of that is one of the greatest spaces for chickens and production of eggs that are superior in form, taste and structure.

The birds have free access into and outside of their barn where they scratch about for mealies and take dust baths. The barn floor is layered with sunflower husks for the chickens. Ruth grows food especially for them that does not contain any antibiotics or growth hormones. This is combined with maize which is unlikely to be 100% GM free as it’s just too tough to get hold of clean maize.

Apparently Ruth says there is usually a ‘flavour of the day’ roosting box that they all fight over. There you are sure to find two stubborn hens practically lying on top of each other, neither willing to compromise. There are also those ‘rebels’ that find a way to fly outside to lay their eggs in the bags of sunflower husks that Ruth uses as flooring.

For more info and pictures go to


Enjoyed your eggs today?

Not only are conventional farming methods inhumane, they also are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. These harmful bacteria are passed on through feces of infected animals. Food, water, and vegetables can carry these bacteria when exposed to unhygienic conditions. Due to the conventional ways of farming today, our food is in high risk of these bacteria. PETA has exposed conventional farming where animals are kept and grown. They are contained in closed and controlled areas such as pens and cages that become their permanent homes. Each cage fits 4-5 chickens that restrict them from movement due to its small capacity, exposing them to fecal matter of diseased chickens. Pigs are kept in pens where there is not enough space to move, and their area of sleeping is also their area defecating.  The products of conventional farming are sold commercially and food irradiation reduces the chances of the widespread of bacteria found in these contaminated food.


Food irradiation serves its purpose in killing bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. However it is clear that bad management in farms are the main causes for these food-borne diseases and has been the issue from the start. We must address to this issue rather than to hide the truth, which is concealed by bacteria eliminating radiation.

Organic farming practices good farm management that effectively avoids their produce from being tainted with salmonella and E. coli. Free-range farming is one method that allows livestock to roam in wide spaces that allows them to act in their natural behaviour. These animals are not restrained to dwell to in a single space; therefore the chances of animals being infected by the fecal of others are reduced. We advice that people should buy free-range meat to avoid any increased risks that comes with commercially sold meat.

–       Look for meat that is labeled with “free-range” and “organic” in its packaging.

–       Ask your local grocery if their meat from farms is free-ranged.

–       Buy only from reliable sources, some factories label products “free-range”, but fed with

inorganic feed.

–       Buy only eggs from free-range chickens.

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Some of our Australops Hendrick and Saartjie roaming around the garden.

Hello Gauteng!

After months of research we finally took a leap of faith to source and grow local, lekker, organic produce we felt proud enough to sell.

Allie and myself officially launched Terra Madre on Saturday 11 February 2012 at the Irene Market. We headed off to the market at 5:30 in the morning (first timers. . we know better next time) not knowing how the Vaalies would take to our idea.

What a wonderful response we got! We almost sold out by 1pm that day.

We aim to be permanent features at the Irene Saturday market and will soon be at Hazelwood Food Market, Greenlyn Village Centre, Menlo Park, Pretoria and in Parkhurst too.

Until next time, be kind to yourself and the earth 😛