Ethically farmed free range lamb


We welcome a new supplier to Terra Madre this week.

‘Reared and raised on the open veld and ethically processed. We live by our principles and take a hands on approach to every step of the process making sure you know where your meat comes from. Our story is one of 4 generations of sheep farmers who understand that the best meat comes from the happiest animals’

Please read the wonderful article by Debbie Logan, owner of Organic Emporium on Aldersyde Farm

The Bread Gypsy

breadgypsyThe Bread Gypsy specialize in wood-fired baked artisan bread. Each loaf is hand shaped using Eureka Mills non-GMO stone ground flour, wild yeast and gentle mixing to create a thin, crisp crust and soft interior. They bake ciabattas, baguettes, seed loaves, 100% rye and sourdough breads that are healthy and low in GI.

The Bread Gypsy bakery is owned by Pauli Coetsee and Alicea Malan. Pauli completed her internship under Marcus Farbinger in Knysna and shares her trade knowledge with the team, whose typical work day starts at 2am.

Tasty natural treats for your pets

Logo and treat picture

Our furry companions just love treats, don’t they? And we all love to spoil them.
Pet e FOURS has a healthy alternative to store bought treats, which often contain ingredients like grains and fillers, preservatives, colourants and additives.
‘Our treats contain grass fed beef sourced from local ethical and passionate farmers. We add seasonal vegetables for an additional vitamin and mineral punch. The treat is slowly dehydrated and results in a chewy delight,’ says Elwynn, owner of Pet e FOURS
‘I started making treats for my furry kids three years ago. Family and friends were eager to share it with their pets and that’s how Pet e FOURS was born. Six products emerged which were baked biscuits containing meat, vegetables and whole wheat flour. I had a growing concern with my one fur pup having skin allergies on the stomach and legs. The licking and chewing of those body parts had us off to the vet for 2 years with skin scrapes and every available tablet and shampoo to try ease the discomfort. Nothing helped long term. I was desperate to help her and started researching and reading every available book and information source on animal nutrition. Since then all five of my fur kids have changed to my own home-made raw diet and revised treats which contain only meat and vegetables. Even our cat like it!
Our dog’s allergic symptoms have disappeared and her hair grew back. My passion is to now share that success with other pet lovers.’

Certified organic pomegranates


We are a family run Organic Farm in the heart of Muldersdrift. Our names are Laiken and Jason Cullen. We are not your typical farmers. Laiken is a qualified school teacher, with a background in publication editing and Jason is a 3D animation director having done work for the TV commercial industry. Hence it is our backgrounds and drive for excellence that make us such unconventional farmers. Using our organisational and marketing skills, with a passion for learning, we started our boutique organic farm. After experiencing how difficult it was to obtain organically grown produce, and when we discovered the well documented health benefits of pomegranates, we decided to turn some fallow land into a farm, supplying the market not with just another fruit, but a Superfruit – organically grown Pomegranates.
We are Certified Organic by EcoCert with the European standard of Organic practices. We maintain the highest standards to ensure we receive our certificate on time, annually. Our soil, water and leaves are regularly tested and our soil organically fed to ensure our trees are well looked after and the fruit is of the highest quality – nourishing as nature intended.
We run our farm on biodynamic principles. We have chickens for pest control and manure, fish in our dam that enhances our water which in turn feeds our Pomegranate trees, a “bat hotel” for our local bats and last but not least we have 4 beehives just for our Pomegranate blossoms.
Consumers are becoming more aware of their health and eating correctly. There is a definite swing toward the organic market. Here At Ganico Boutique Farm we pride ourselves on being locally sustainable and farming on a small scale, which enables us to nurture the trees individually, supplying the best possible Organic Pomegranates.
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Pure coconuts

coconutYussuf Hassan of Cocopure spent 13 years of his youth in the Island of Zanzibar where the staple food is coconut. As a child together with others, he used to often climb coconut trees after school. ‘You need to be strong in the mind and body. It takes concentration, you have to plan every move and anticipate: The tree can fall and the wind can twist and swing it like a bucking bronco. Rats bite, you catch them sometimes in the top eating coconuts. You can tire and lose a grip, a foot can slip, the tree can be smooth with no grip.’  In Zanzibar diabetes is unheard of among those people who eat traditional diets.  But when they abandon their native foods and adapt Western ways, disease of all types surface. The coconut palm is the tree of Life, because of its many different uses. These include: coconut sap (toddy) as a source of sugar, vinegar as alcohol; coconut water as a delicious, non-alcoholic beverage or vinegar and substitute for blood plasma in emergency surgical operations; coconut oil for cooking, as milk and cream, and for making soap, as diesel fuel, for lighting, for making candles; coir fibre for ropes and mats, cocopeat for horticulture; shell for buttons, decorative carving, burnt as a fuel and for charcoal; wood from the coconut stem for furniture and construction purposes; leaves for decoration and as a thatching material; finally the heart of the palm as vegetable salad (millionaire’s salad). He started Cocopure Manufacturing and Distributors in 2007 to bring this beneficial product to the consumers of South Africa.