Gillian O’Shea

If it is true that we all have a life purpose then I think I can say I am blessed to be living mine.

I love nature, pottering around barefoot in the garden, growing things, hugging trees, assisting less fortunate, dabbling in Alchemy and alternative healing.

So, in pursuit of happiness, purpose and contentment,  I said goodbye to the corporate world in 2012 to heal, garden and teach.

Nine years ago I became a Specialised Kinesiologist and massage therapist and in 2012 I also completed a design certificate in Permaculture to become a consultant. I started Terra Madre SA in January 2012 but only left the corporate world in October 2012. In 2014 I attended Al Gores Climate Reality Leader training to become a representative and educate people on what we can do to slow down climate change and take better care of our planet. After all, she is the only one we have.

 I am loving this journey and am so blessed to have wonderful customers.

Terra Madre means Mother Earth in Italian. My purpose is to live, and run my business, in harmony with our planet.

Contact details: 082 602 2882.

Our business principles:

Support local

Support Slow Food

Support sustainable and humane farming practices

Share knowledge

Support Climate Change projects

Reuse, recycle



Pay it forward

Committee member of:


Part of Africa


Member of:

(The Conscious and Ethical Retailers,
Consumers and Producers Alliance)

Member of:


2 thoughts on “Gillian O’Shea

  1. Hi Gillian,

    You have created such an amazing permaculture veg garden for me, now I dont just save money, but what a bliss to eat healthy and pure from my own garden, pure organic food, guys this is the way to the future, ask Gillian to come and design a organic garden for you, its healthy and clean food for your body and mind, thank you

    1. please could you contact me on 011 442 8672 I want to enquire about your meat products and the organic vegetables as well. Thanks, kind regards, Maree

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