Terra Madre SA has a vacancy for a 3 month internship

Have you completed your Permaculture Design Certificate/agriculture/horticulture education? Or are you an experienced conventional gardener wanting to develop your skills?permaculture-wordle

This hands-on position is designed to prepare participants to implement or lead permaculture projects. The internship program uses lectures, followed by practical applications, to thoroughly cover the techniques of project development and maintenance. The successful candidate will be fully involved in all aspects of urban food garden and farm activities. The goal is to apply the designs and practice the methods that pertain to everyday permaculture farm situations.

During the internship, a design application will be realized in an urban environment. Working with a local, in-need applicant homeowner, we’ll go into the community to design and implement a residential lot. This program advances community food self-reliance, household economy, cultural integrity and nutritional improvement, all while minimizing the local carbon footprint.

Working alongside the landowner, together we’ll design an appropriate food systems based on both general nutritional needs and the landowner’s preferences. The successful Intern will gain the experience and confidence of implementing their first, real-world consultation and application.

Learning will include animals, aquaculture, earth works, chicken systems, soil fertility and waste water, natural soil fertility maintenance, composting systems, waste systems, nursery systems, food forests, urban gardens, organic pest control.

Set tasks and routines include: general urban garden and farm maintenance, tools and equipment use, food storage and processing, seed saving and propagation.

Remuneration will take the form of a monthly stipend of R 3000. If successful, the intern will be offered permanent employment.

Send your resume and a brief motivation letter to terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com

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