We need your help

Pigs ‘n’ Paws is a registered NPC– they take in un-wanted, abused and abandoned pet pigs and give them sanctuary, allowing them to live as natural lives as possible.

They have recently been asked to move from where they had the sanctuary but luckily a generous supporter has offered a permanent lease on a smallholding in Pretoria. However, there is a lot they need before they can move in at the end of April.

The plot is run down. New fencing needs to be installed. The house is unlivable and needs roofing, electricity and plumbing. All the pig camps need to be built and they require assistance with the moving of 250 pigs. Quite a daunting task.


The owner, Leslie’s life is devoted to the Sanctuary and she works a full time job to just to keep it going. Her salary goes into the feeding, vet care and upkeep of the animals in her care but it is never enough. She is in constant need for a cheaper source of feed, for free vegetables and fruit for donations towards vet bills, anything that will allow her to keep on doing the amazing work she is doing.

There are various ways that companies and individuals can assist:

  1. You can become a sponsor by making a cash donation directly into their bank account and will be mentioned in all their marketing material as a sponsor, should you wish.
  2. You can donate building materials, corrugated iron, bricks, shade cloth, pallets, fencing, electric fencing, solar accessories.
  3. You can donate blankets, straw for bedding and breakfast in bed, fruit, vegetables, bread, oats hay, all welcomed.
  4. You can donate all your unwanted items, which they can resell in their second hand store in order to further raise funds.
  5. If you have access to a large truck which can be used to safely transport animals that would be a huge help.
  6. And YOU. Volunteer your time and assist in the moving and renovating of the new premises. Spend time with the pigs and belly rub to your heart’s content. Come and experience the pigs.


Account details:

Pigs ‘n’ Paws

Standard Bank South Africa

Northgate Branch

Branch Code 001106

Current Account

Account No. 301 134 537.

If you are able to assist in any of the above ways, please contact Gillian at terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com

Thank you in advance x

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