Why support organic farming

  • organicRoundup (glyphosate), the most widely used herbicide in the world, is linked to a host of health risks, such as cancer, miscarriages and disruption of human sex hormones.
  • Genetically modified foods and crops pose serious threats to human and animal health.
  • Pesticides kill off healthy gut flora and increase pathogens in the gut which lead to a compromised immune system.
  • Hormones used in meat and milk production may be linked to cancer, hormone disruption in humans and may cause us to develop antibodies against these foods which then manifests as ‘allergies/intolerance’
  • Traditional farming practices can include inhumane treatment of animals and destroys the soil.
  • Organic/Permaculture/Biodynamic farming supports smaller subsistence farmers and is better for the earth and climate.
  • And.. the food tastes better 🙂

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