Feed a Child

feed achild1Feed a Child’s vision is to eradicate poverty in a sustainable manner and to take God’s hope to the nations.

As a National Body they assist other NGO’s to not only be as effective as possible, but also to become sustainable and economically active.
Feed a Child currently has an impact on the lives of approximately 10 000 people on a regular basis.  Feed a Child has many projects and is currently delivering more than 2,000,000 meals per annum to children throughout South Africa.  It is estimated that almost 10% of the South African population are children of no particular culture or ethical group, living below the poverty line and in circumstances beyond their control.
Acknowledging that feeding alone will not suffice,they also embark on a longer term solution by training the communities to start their own vegetable gardens.  If funding allows, shade net tunnels are provided.  If not, they encourage them to start with open gardens.

All vegetable garden training is based on the Foundations for Farming principles.
• On time
• At a high standard
• Without wasting
• With joy
One of the gardens is now producing vegetables and Terra Madre is happy to support this initiative. Please support them buy purchasing their organic produce.

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