Raw Wizard Food Co.


Candice’s interest in health and wellness began at a young age. She was drawn to herbs and natural remedies at school and her mom always fasted her on fruit when ill. She was never inoculated nor given antibiotics.

Attending the Waldorf School in Bryanston provided a natural and wholesome start for her life and she has had a passion for health and healing ever since, leading to the opening of Raw Wizard Food Co in December 2015, after becoming a raw chef.
She was a vegetarian for 7 years from the age of 18. She completed her Bsc Microbiology and Botany at Wits University in 1993 at 25 had her daughter Catherine, at which time she explored eating meat again for a short while. She had always loved cheese, however it gave her post nasal drip, itchy ears and glandular, liver and joint problems.
Candice continued to attain an HDip Ed through Unisa in 1998 and trained learning to learn skills. Education was applied too for 7 years in marketing of Foodstate nutrients through Sportron.
She then furthered her skills in healing, becoming a Reiki and Crystal Healer in 2009 through Karen Lange and opened Healing Fields Healing Studio where she has successfully treated many clients. Log onto http://www.healingfields.co.za.
Having a steadfast interest in natural health, and always been health conscious with her diet, she was exposed to raw cuisine at Leafy Greens in 2009. She was very taken by the raw desserts, how something sweet and raw could be soo outlandishly delicious and super healthy!
Candice loves preparing food as well. She decided to follow her passion and create something of her own. Thus quit marketing and became a conventional chef for over 3 years from 2012, working and studying, through Capsicum Culinary Studio in Johannesburg. In 2015 she became a raw chef after travelling to LA and Maine in the USA to attend Matthew Kenny Culinary.
At the end of last year she opened Raw Wizard Food Co and became vegan again and has never felt better and all her health issues have disappeared. Raw cheffing showed me the way on a completely plant-based diet. She doesn’t even miss her beloved cows milk cheese!
‘This is the synthesis of taking the leap to live my passion and assist with planetary sustainable needs, a failing food system and socio-economic reform, which a plant-based-diet provides.’
Raw Wizard provides delicious plant-based products for all, and with raw benefits.
These include nut cheeses, yoghurts, patties, and fermented krauts! And more to come.. The products are mostly organic/naturally grown and carefully put together for your highest, healthiest enjoyment. Visit http://www.rawwizard.co.za.
‘I end with the Raw Wizard mission statement:
Let’s Heal Ourselves
Let’s Heal The Earth.’
☆ Peace & Thank You ☆

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