Janike Plaas Produkte



Terra Madre is excited to introduce a new supplier to our family. Please see below a writeup that Janike sent me on her business.

Before we bought our plot, it was used as a building rubble site…Needless to say it has been a hard few years to get it to the green grassy birdlife-rich patch it is today.
We still have a very long way to go but our goal remains the same: JPP was born out of a need to make a sustainable positive lifestyle change…in all aspects of our life and the lives of those around us.
As a business we strive to produce the absolute best quality products possible.
As property owners and micro farmers we are extremely aware of the need to preserve our resources and plan to bring about change by example. By simply supplying our customers with a healthy, local and sustainable grown food, we are already improving our environment and lives.
We strive to follow organic, permaculture principles in all our private and business matters and always are on the lookout for better methods and knowledge. What we have been doing so far:
All our water comes from a borehole. Grey water is collected safely and used as irrigation water. Rainwater collection is of highest priority. All cut grass, green scraps and animal manure are used to compost, which in turn is used as soil improvement on our fields and open land that we plan to use for planting organic veggies and fruit.
Feed wise we concentrate on finding organic suppliers from whom we can buy bulk feed and seed to use for sprouting grass as feed. We are always busy with incorporating solar energy in- and outdoors. All our chicken and kraal structures are made of up to 80% recycled or reclaimed materials and built by our own hands.
Our broilers are pasture raised in a low stress free range environment. They spend most of their time in sunshine, open fresh air and roaming green grass while eating the grass, seeds and bugs whenever they find them. Occasionally they are fed fresh organic herbs from the veggie garden as a treat.
As a result they produce full flavoured, extra tender lean meat with stronger bones and bulkier muscles. We do not give them growth hormones or brine injections because they do not need it!
It is definitely not the easiest or most convenient lifestyle and business route to follow (but the most rewarding on a holistic level!). Many people have asked us why we would do all this and at the end our products seem more expensive which consumers aren’t always willing to pay for…Our answer is: Because we are people who want a better quality of life and are informed about how to get it…so are our consumers.
We achieve our goals by firstly fully respecting God’s creation and what He provides.
And secondly our faith and amazing family and friends that support and motivate us.
Our hope is that our client’s enjoy the goodness, flavour and peace of mind our chickens bring to their table and that they may know that it has been done with pleasure, passion, consideration and a lot of love for our fellow man, nature and our Creator.

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