One day Permaculture workshop – Sunday 14 February 2016

Learn how to grow your own food and support a worthy cause

One day basics Permaculture workshop

Join in a fun day where you will learn:

What is Permaculture;  how to make rich, organic soil; companion planting; organic pesticides, what to plant for your Summer food garden and the basics of starting a food forest.

Bring a friend,partner or your gardener and get a 10% discount on both bookings.


Make compost in 18 days!

Buying compost and fertilizers can be expensive. Without which your plants wont grow well. Most people think that making compost is time-consuming, labour intensive and takes months before you can use your hard come by black gold. I will show you how you can make organic compost in just 18 days.


Make a worm farm

Learn how to make a quick and easy, cost-effective worm farm and how to look after your worms and harvest worm tea and vermiculture.


Make soil using a no-dig bed/mulching method

Let us show you how to make soil the easy way – especially for areas where you have bad soil, a lot of rock, or don’t have access to costly labour.


Companion planting, organic pesticides & what to plant now for your Summer food garden

Certain plants are beneficial to each other while others act as pest deterrents. Learn how to group your plants for best crop results and how to make organic pesticide. Also, find out what you can grow now for your winter food garden.


The basics on growing a food forest.

When: Sunday 14 February 2016

Cost: R450

Where: One of our CSI gardens, at 74 7th Ave, Fontainbleau, Randburg

Time 10am-4pm

(Light organic lunch, refreshments, notes and a present included) Please email to book by Friday 12 February 2016.

Space is limited to 20 people.

Payment will confirm booking.

Banking details for EFT: Terra Madre SA (PTY) Ltd, Bank: FNB, Account no: 62473027764,

Branch no: 261649, Cheque account. Email proof of payment to

Gillian 082 602 2882.

Proceeds go to animal rescue NPO Paws R Us so you will learn vital information to feed your family clean food and you will be supporting a very good cause.


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