Fermentation workshop Saturday 27 June 2015

Workshop overview:

– Discussion:The microbiome and diet.

-The basics: Understanding the fermentation process using 2 examples (kefir and kombucha)

-Demonstration: Make your own Kimchi (Korean Sauerkraut)

Time: 10am-1pm

When: Saturday 27 June

Where: Terra Madre, Karoo Square, cnr Lynnwood and Albeth Rd’s, The Willows

Cost: R350 (we provide all utensils, produce, bottles etc)

To book please email Gillian at terramadresa@gmail.com before Thursday 25 June 2015.


Vania Le Roux
Vania Le Roux

Vania Le Roux-Dr Ferment Cultured Farmacy

I love simplicity. To observe. To align my lifestyle with nature. My background in Permaculture design together with my research into optimum nutrients and health led me to fermented foods and ultimately starting Dr Ferment Cultured Farmacy in Plettenberg Bay.

Soil needs microbes to digest/compost and make nutrients available for plants to grow, human cells are similar. The human microbiome consists of microbes (bacteria, yeast and fungi) teeny little guys that digests/ferments food in the digestive tract to make nutrients available to the body. When the gut is colonised with the good guys (pro-biotics) we have a strong immune to weather viruses, toxins and even stress.

It is the perfect example of Nature’s intelligence, so simple yet so powerful a tool in insuring our own health (the microbiome) and contributing to a healthy environment (the macrobiome). Fermentation preserves food, adds to the nutrient content, provides large amounts of pro-biotics and to top it all perpetuates this cycle of life in our ‘waste’ – ultimately it all ends up back in the soil.




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