Organic Melaskin Remedy for skin ailments

Terra Madre SA is happy to announce that we will be stocking another premium product from a local supplier.

Melaskin Remedy is a specialised organic cream which assists in the natural treatment of sun damaged skin and a variety of viral and fungal problems (solar keratosis, acne, molluscum contagiosum, herpes, athletes foot, shingles, rash, moles, eczema, hives, psoriasis). It is a unique organic skin care product which has been developed by a highly qualified Chemist who is an acknowledged leader in the successful development of organic products.

Melaskin is proud to be associated with Phyto Trade, a Fair Trade organisation promoting sustainable harvesting of indigenous plants in the wild. Phyto Trade actively monitors and controls the quantities harvested to protect our heritage and to ensure a constant supply of raw ingredients in the future, and by so doing, ensure the upliftment of local communities.

Melaskin is a Natural product and contains no Parabens or Petrochemicals and also works wonders as a night cream.

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