Blue Sky Organics, organic certified olives and more

Liz Eglington - Organic Pioneer

Fifteen years ago Liz Eglington was recovering from a serious immune related illness, assisted by only natural healing methodologies, herbal remedies and organic food.

“It was difficult to find REAL food full of nutrients and free of poisons, pesticides, antibiotics, GMO’s, growth hormones, chemical additives and all the other dangers associated with what they call ‘food’ on supermarket shelves,” she said.

She found a piece of land in the Klein Karoo, where she intended to create a healing centre for the critically ill on a barren and overgrazed piece of ground. There was abundant pristine air and clean water, so much needed for healing. The healing centre was to provide these essentials natural healing conditions and support all in one place.

Human bodies indicate the environment’s health

“Just as frogs are said to be an indicator species for the health of the environment, so are human bodies whose immune systems have stopped functioning,” she says. Our bodies are heavily bombarded each day with poisonous bad foodstuffs, lack of essential nutrients and life giving clean water, cell phones and computers, pollution, stress, smoking and alcohol, and the myriad other perils of living in this consumer age.

Eventually our immune systems just give up, and the healing journey from there is a very long and arduous one. Liz’s body gave her instant feedback on whatever she put into her body, which would only accept whole healthy pure food.

When the healing centre did not manifest she planted olive trees with the intention of farming organically, ethically and sustainably. Liz realized that the “healing of the land” had to happen first. What her body needed for healing was exactly what the land needed – and so started that journey back to health for the farm and the farmer. To read full article click here

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