Aloe Dale organic produce

aloedaleAloe Dale emerged out of a simple idea that Merryn Scott-Tluczek had to grow as much of the food consumed by her household as they could, in a sustainable and organic manner – including some food for their horses, dogs and chickens. Situated half-way between Pretoria and Johannesburg, they now grow a wide variety of organic herbs, vegetables and fruit to supply chefs, caterers, restauranteurs and delicatessens who care, as much as they do, about how the food they serve is grown. ”We have expanded over the years, having installed a large cold storage facility and now also encourage small-scale, holistic, polycultural agronomy by supporting local, sustainable growers: from households who produce a small excess for which they would not otherwise have a market, to NGO-run organic agricultural programs. It is significant that 80% of these growers have on-site bee-hives, wormeries and composteries of note!” says Merryn. We have also expanded growing operations at our small-holding in KZN. Aside from the extra growing space, this will enable us to grow an even wider variety of produce over a longer growing season.”

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