Premium raw organic food for your dogs


Paleopet – Sue has previously been in the dog food making business for over 40 years. “I was involved on the scientific side of things. Needless to say after many years of looking at dog food cubes (kibble) my opinion has changed regarding how nutritious the food is.” She has also been involved in a dog sport called Agility for many years and has always fed her dogs a raw diet. “Soon after retiring, I started a home industry business, supplying friends and family with raw food for their dogs. The word spread and we have steadily grown to where Paleopet – Pure Barf is today. Paleopet states that the product is a premium product providing complete nutrition for dogs. As far as possible, its made up of certified organic chicken, organic vegetables and herbs, organic spirulina, high quality omega 3 and premium grade cold pressed olive oil. Dogs love this complete meal but dont take our word for it – try it and let them tell you 🙂

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