Our eggs sourced in “Harmony”

ruthRuth  from New Harmony Farm is steadfast and true and solid in her connection to life, soil and her farm and uncompromising in her standards. The result of that is one of the greatest spaces for chickens and production of eggs that are superior in form, taste and structure.

The birds have free access into and outside of their barn where they scratch about for mealies and take dust baths. The barn floor is layered with sunflower husks for the chickens. Ruth grows food especially for them that does not contain any antibiotics or growth hormones. This is combined with maize which is unlikely to be 100% GM free as it’s just too tough to get hold of clean maize.

Apparently Ruth says there is usually a ‘flavour of the day’ roosting box that they all fight over. There you are sure to find two stubborn hens practically lying on top of each other, neither willing to compromise. There are also those ‘rebels’ that find a way to fly outside to lay their eggs in the bags of sunflower husks that Ruth uses as flooring.

For more info and pictures go to http://slowfoodmagaliesvalley.co.za/slow-stories/lets-talk-chicken-report-back/


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