Natures Secrets – nurturing skin naturally

organic productsMyrna Kearns is the force behind Natures Secrets. She has always had an interest in the properties of herbs and natural products. After completing an Aromatherapy course she started practicing in 1991, blending oils and making her own range of creams and soaps for family and friends and people who came to her with skin ailments.  “I had dabbled in crafting “pure glycerine” soap, but, after a visit to the factory that was supplying me, I was horrified to discover that the “pure glycerin” soap was nothing but pure chemical!  I believed, as do so many others, that the word “pure”, in essence, meant natural, and imagine my surprise and disappointment when there were no oils in sight, no natural products at all!  Only drums of chemicals!! The small percentage of natural extracts that are sometimes added to this base by crafters or manufacturers, are of no significance whatsoever as the detrimental chemicals far outweigh the value of the natural additive. I also learnt the lesson that  research is of utmost importance and never take anything for granted. I studied and researched for nearly a year before attempting to make my first batch of real soap”

Natures Secrets produces outstanding quality, naturally handmade soap and bath and body products, consisting of cold pressed, organic and unrefined vegetable oils and essential oils, ensuring the very best possible conditioning for your skin.  “We will never compromise quality, by using cheap fillers to save costs. We manufacture our soaps in small batches using various hot and cold methods, which is set in handmade wooden moulds, then we hand cut and package, therefore slight variations in colour, size and shape may occur.  We do not remove the natural glycerin and humectants that is naturally inherent in hand made soap.  The glyc-erin that is produced during the process is left intact in the soap. The oils are  selected and blended for their therapeutic values. I am passionate about my range and it is exciting for me to have  products, with so many benefits, the results of which are seen, and felt immediately.”

Terra Madre SA is confident that you will enjoy the clean, pure luxurious pleasure of these natural vegetable handmade products as much as we do.  You will be amazed at how fantastic your skin feels after using them.



2 thoughts on “Natures Secrets – nurturing skin naturally

  1. Gillian…what an amazing stuff you have shared here. Really, using natural products are more effective for skin instead of chemical products and seriously, you are doing fantastic job. I am feeling inspire after reading your post. Thanks for the share!!!

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