Natures Secrets

naturessecretsNatures  Secrets handmade soaps are a fantastic choice for people who care about what their skin absorbs, and may help sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and excessive dryness. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is a barrier but it is not impermeable. The skin is able to absorb 60% of chemicals in products that it comes into contact with and directly deposits into the blood stream. (Herb Research Foundation & Fairley 2001). This means that several chemicals used in common popular beauty products, some of which are known carcinogens, are entering your body and potentially causing unnecessary harm.  These new understandings of how the skin functions reveal concerns about the possible long term effects due to these combinations of chemicals used in cosmetics, often termed the “chemical cocktail effect”. Several of these chemical ingredients are derived synthetically or from petroleum.

We all value our health, and we should take responsibility for ours and of our loved ones as nature intended – Naturally.

We are in total control of the old fashioned processes we use to make out-standing quality soaps from beginning to end. All our soaps are created using the best oils available, which are specifically and carefully selected and combined for their therapeutic and nourishing properties.  The rich, creamy lather, while moisturizing, cleansing and nourishing, will leave your skin feeling velvety soft, revitalized and pampered.  There are many natural oils and plant extracts that provide long lasting, luxurious, abundant lather that gently cleanses.


The ingredients used in commercially mass-produced soaps are quite different from handmade, and may be causing allergic reactions, irritations and sensitizing the skin.  These mass-produced soaps contain harsh dyes,

synthetic fragrances, preservatives, cheap fillers and carcinogenic chemical and petro-chemical ingredients producing soap that damages the skin, causing dryness and harm to our health. Removing the natural oils from the sur-face of the skin ultimately results in dry cracked skin allowing bacteria to enter, which in turn creates infections like contact dermatitis and other allergic reactions. There are far too many toxic pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and carcinogenic chemicals in our in our food and personal care products. It is your choice to accept or reject products that harm the health of our families and our planet.  Further information and details regarding a few of these chemicals and their effects are mentioned in this brochure to assist and inform the public.


Natures Secrets products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information given, including any links to external sites and testimonials given by customers, is designed for educational purposes only. Any reference to medicinal or health benefits cannot be taken as a replacement for medical advice or prescription medication or seen as a diagnosis for a specific condition. Whilst we do not make therapeutic claims for our products, the herbs and essential oils included have many benefits which are well documented in herbal and aroma therapeutic literature. Please check about this with your naturopath/therapist.

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