Get your fresh fruit and veg at Irene market tomorow

This week we have yummy Clementine’s, lemons, apples and gooseberries in the line of fruit. Seasonal veggies on sale include greenbeans, sweetcorn, avos, cabbage and loads more.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms below, it could be because of what you are consuming. Allergies and immune mismatch responses occur when we consume stuff that our bodies see as alien and it affects our immune system.

These include certain food stuffs, pesticides, hormones etc. That’s why its important to try and consume organic and free-range as far as possible.

Symptoms can include:

Post nasal drip, itchiness, rashes, irritability, white spots on tongue, headaches, insomnia, stomach cramps, acne, coughing.


If you have any of the above you could benefit from a Specialised Kinesiology consultation.

One thought on “Get your fresh fruit and veg at Irene market tomorow

  1. Hi Gil, hope you kick ass with your new venture, love the work on the blogs etc, been on a hectic detox last week, this week also veg/fruits/water no sugar/carbs/meat, feeling great, cab cheat a bit on weekend…………hope you well, wemust make aplan to arrange a dinner like your b day, was awesome love ya xxx

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