Hello Gauteng!

After months of research we finally took a leap of faith to source and grow local, lekker, organic produce we felt proud enough to sell.

Allie and myself officially launched Terra Madre on Saturday 11 February 2012 at the Irene Market. We headed off to the market at 5:30 in the morning (first timers. . we know better next time) not knowing how the Vaalies would take to our idea.

What a wonderful response we got! We almost sold out by 1pm that day.

We aim to be permanent features at the Irene Saturday market and will soon be at Hazelwood Food Market, Greenlyn Village Centre, Menlo Park, Pretoria and in Parkhurst too.

Until next time, be kind to yourself and the earth 😛


2 thoughts on “Hello Gauteng!

  1. Hi Gillian,
    It would be really super to have you with us. We need organic vegetables etc…..
    How to go about joining us.
    We give you a space and tablecloth and a chair and all you have to do is bring yourself and you produce to Market. The cost for the day is R150.00. For the first time it will be R100.00
    The day runs from 9.00-2.00pm.
    Looking forward to having you with us… There is a great demand for organic produce.
    Warm regards,

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