About us

email: terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com

Mobile: 082 602 2882

We love the earth! We want to eat clean & healthy food; drink clean healthy water and ensure we have a planet for our future generations to enjoy. We aim to live consciously, follow sustainable practices and contribute to our wonderful country and more specifically, our wonderful province, Gauteng.

How do we do this?

  • By growing only healthy, organic, free-range, non GM produce.
  • By using biodegradable or recycled packaging
  • By recycling
  • By educating South Africans on sustainable, healthy living and healthy eating we hope to assist in a healthier country and environment.
  • By treating imbalances holistically as far as possible through Specialised Kinesiology and other modalities
  • By educating on climate change issues
  • By offering workshops
  • By developing food gardens for customers

In  supporting us, you won’t only be eating healthier and fell more balanced, you will be contributing to a healthier Gauteng and the uplifting of entrepreneurs and urban ‘natural’ farmers.

Gillian O’Shea


8 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi Gillian,

    I am keen to learn about permaculture- have no knolledge what so ever. I would like to join your volunteer program on a Wed morning. Where is your garden situated? May I join this Wed 5/2?

    Kind regards.

    Tania de Muelenaere

    1. Hi Caron, unfortunately its almost impossible to get feed mealies that arent produced from GM seed. Organic farmers grow most of their heirloom mealies for human consumption. However our hens are fed with about 10% maize and the rest is vegetables and grasses.

  2. Hi, I cannot find any link on your website to join your mail list or order anything….. Have I missed something or is there some obscure initiation rites to perform to have real food delivered?!? Just asking and please update your site.
    I look forward to eventually order organic fruit and veg from you.

  3. Hi Gillian,
    I’m a french student and would like to know if it’s possible to come and learn about permaculture during the winter periode (july)?

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