Why support organic farming

  • organicRoundup (glyphosate), the most widely used herbicide in the world, is linked to a host of health risks, such as cancer, miscarriages and disruption of human sex hormones.
  • Genetically modified foods and crops pose serious threats to human and animal health.
  • Pesticides kill off healthy gut flora and increase pathogens in the gut which lead to a compromised immune system.
  • Hormones used in meat and milk production may be linked to cancer, hormone disruption in humans and may cause us to develop antibodies against these foods which then manifests as ‘allergies/intolerance’
  • Traditional farming practices can include inhumane treatment of animals and destroys the soil.
  • Organic/Permaculture/Biodynamic farming supports smaller subsistence farmers and is better for the earth and climate.
  • And.. the food tastes better🙂

Feed a Child

feed achild1Feed a Child’s vision is to eradicate poverty in a sustainable manner and to take God’s hope to the nations.

As a National Body they assist other NGO’s to not only be as effective as possible, but also to become sustainable and economically active.
Feed a Child currently has an impact on the lives of approximately 10 000 people on a regular basis.  Feed a Child has many projects and is currently delivering more than 2,000,000 meals per annum to children throughout South Africa.  It is estimated that almost 10% of the South African population are children of no particular culture or ethical group, living below the poverty line and in circumstances beyond their control.
Acknowledging that feeding alone will not suffice,they also embark on a longer term solution by training the communities to start their own vegetable gardens.  If funding allows, shade net tunnels are provided.  If not, they encourage them to start with open gardens.

All vegetable garden training is based on the Foundations for Farming principles.
• On time
• At a high standard
• Without wasting
• With joy
One of the gardens is now producing vegetables and Terra Madre is happy to support this initiative. Please support them buy purchasing their organic produce.

Wellness Made Easy

We are all trying to get and stay healthy but it can seem overwhelming. There is so much different and often conflicting advice and information available. I really wish to assist you in taking charge of your health by making some informed choices.

What you will learn:

  • How to heal from the inside. If you suffer from cancer, IBS, auto immune disease, sinus, asthma, hives, allergies, inflammation, Chrones, Colitis, flatulence and bloating or a compromised immune system then this  workshop is for you.
  • Understand various symptoms and diseases and how to take back control of these.
  • Understand what is your Microbiome and how healing your gut can heal your life.
  • This talk includes a demonstration of our Wellness Made Easy programme. Please note you will only be able to join our wellness programme and reap the benefits once you have attended one of these monthly talks.

Space is limited to 20 people so please make sure you confirm asap.

Speakers: Specialised Kinesiologist Gillian O’Shea and Nutritional Therapist Elize Rehbock with a different guest speak each month.

Where: Terra Madre, 21 Alexandra Street, Irene

When: Every last Sunday of the month from 11am-1pm

How much: Free

Space is limited to 20 people so please make sure you confirm your booking asap terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com

about our Wellness Made Easy Programme

Raw Wizard Food Co.


Candice’s interest in health and wellness began at a young age. She was drawn to herbs and natural remedies at school and her mom always fasted her on fruit when ill. She was never inoculated nor given antibiotics.

Attending the Waldorf School in Bryanston provided a natural and wholesome start for her life and she has had a passion for health and healing ever since, leading to the opening of Raw Wizard Food Co in December 2015, after becoming a raw chef.
She was a vegetarian for 7 years from the age of 18. She completed her Bsc Microbiology and Botany at Wits University in 1993 at 25 had her daughter Catherine, at which time she explored eating meat again for a short while. She had always loved cheese, however it gave her post nasal drip, itchy ears and glandular, liver and joint problems.
Candice continued to attain an HDip Ed through Unisa in 1998 and trained learning to learn skills. Education was applied too for 7 years in marketing of Foodstate nutrients through Sportron.
She then furthered her skills in healing, becoming a Reiki and Crystal Healer in 2009 through Karen Lange and opened Healing Fields Healing Studio where she has successfully treated many clients. Log onto http://www.healingfields.co.za.
Having a steadfast interest in natural health, and always been health conscious with her diet, she was exposed to raw cuisine at Leafy Greens in 2009. She was very taken by the raw desserts, how something sweet and raw could be soo outlandishly delicious and super healthy!
Candice loves preparing food as well. She decided to follow her passion and create something of her own. Thus quit marketing and became a conventional chef for over 3 years from 2012, working and studying, through Capsicum Culinary Studio in Johannesburg. In 2015 she became a raw chef after travelling to LA and Maine in the USA to attend Matthew Kenny Culinary.
At the end of last year she opened Raw Wizard Food Co and became vegan again and has never felt better and all her health issues have disappeared. Raw cheffing showed me the way on a completely plant-based diet. She doesn’t even miss her beloved cows milk cheese!
‘This is the synthesis of taking the leap to live my passion and assist with planetary sustainable needs, a failing food system and socio-economic reform, which a plant-based-diet provides.’
Raw Wizard provides delicious plant-based products for all, and with raw benefits.
These include nut cheeses, yoghurts, patties, and fermented krauts! And more to come.. The products are mostly organic/naturally grown and carefully put together for your highest, healthiest enjoyment. Visit http://www.rawwizard.co.za.
‘I end with the Raw Wizard mission statement:
Let’s Heal Ourselves
Let’s Heal The Earth.’
☆ Peace & Thank You ☆

Janike Plaas Produkte



Terra Madre is excited to introduce a new supplier to our family. Please see below a writeup that Janike sent me on her business.

Before we bought our plot, it was used as a building rubble site…Needless to say it has been a hard few years to get it to the green grassy birdlife-rich patch it is today.
We still have a very long way to go but our goal remains the same: JPP was born out of a need to make a sustainable positive lifestyle change…in all aspects of our life and the lives of those around us.
As a business we strive to produce the absolute best quality products possible.
As property owners and micro farmers we are extremely aware of the need to preserve our resources and plan to bring about change by example. By simply supplying our customers with a healthy, local and sustainable grown food, we are already improving our environment and lives.
We strive to follow organic, permaculture principles in all our private and business matters and always are on the lookout for better methods and knowledge. What we have been doing so far:
All our water comes from a borehole. Grey water is collected safely and used as irrigation water. Rainwater collection is of highest priority. All cut grass, green scraps and animal manure are used to compost, which in turn is used as soil improvement on our fields and open land that we plan to use for planting organic veggies and fruit.
Feed wise we concentrate on finding organic suppliers from whom we can buy bulk feed and seed to use for sprouting grass as feed. We are always busy with incorporating solar energy in- and outdoors. All our chicken and kraal structures are made of up to 80% recycled or reclaimed materials and built by our own hands.
Our broilers are pasture raised in a low stress free range environment. They spend most of their time in sunshine, open fresh air and roaming green grass while eating the grass, seeds and bugs whenever they find them. Occasionally they are fed fresh organic herbs from the veggie garden as a treat.
As a result they produce full flavoured, extra tender lean meat with stronger bones and bulkier muscles. We do not give them growth hormones or brine injections because they do not need it!
It is definitely not the easiest or most convenient lifestyle and business route to follow (but the most rewarding on a holistic level!). Many people have asked us why we would do all this and at the end our products seem more expensive which consumers aren’t always willing to pay for…Our answer is: Because we are people who want a better quality of life and are informed about how to get it…so are our consumers.
We achieve our goals by firstly fully respecting God’s creation and what He provides.
And secondly our faith and amazing family and friends that support and motivate us.
Our hope is that our client’s enjoy the goodness, flavour and peace of mind our chickens bring to their table and that they may know that it has been done with pleasure, passion, consideration and a lot of love for our fellow man, nature and our Creator.

One day Permaculture workshop – Sunday 14 February 2016

Learn how to grow your own food and support a worthy cause

One day basics Permaculture workshop

Join in a fun day where you will learn:

What is Permaculture;  how to make rich, organic soil; companion planting; organic pesticides, what to plant for your Summer food garden and the basics of starting a food forest.

Bring a friend,partner or your gardener and get a 10% discount on both bookings.


Make compost in 18 days!

Buying compost and fertilizers can be expensive. Without which your plants wont grow well. Most people think that making compost is time-consuming, labour intensive and takes months before you can use your hard come by black gold. I will show you how you can make organic compost in just 18 days.


Make a worm farm

Learn how to make a quick and easy, cost-effective worm farm and how to look after your worms and harvest worm tea and vermiculture.


Make soil using a no-dig bed/mulching method

Let us show you how to make soil the easy way – especially for areas where you have bad soil, a lot of rock, or don’t have access to costly labour.


Companion planting, organic pesticides & what to plant now for your Summer food garden

Certain plants are beneficial to each other while others act as pest deterrents. Learn how to group your plants for best crop results and how to make organic pesticide. Also, find out what you can grow now for your winter food garden.


The basics on growing a food forest.

When: Sunday 14 February 2016

Cost: R450

Where: One of our CSI gardens, at 74 7th Ave, Fontainbleau, Randburg

Time 10am-4pm

(Light organic lunch, refreshments, notes and a present included) Please email terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com to book by Friday 12 February 2016.

Space is limited to 20 people.

Payment will confirm booking.

Banking details for EFT: Terra Madre SA (PTY) Ltd, Bank: FNB, Account no: 62473027764,

Branch no: 261649, Cheque account. Email proof of payment to terramadresouthafrica@gmail.com.

Gillian 082 602 2882.

Proceeds go to animal rescue NPO Paws R Us so you will learn vital information to feed your family clean food and you will be supporting a very good cause.


Wellness Made Easy

Join us in a FREE workshop and a demonstration of our new Wellness programme every last Sunday of the month from 11am to 1pm.

  • You will learn to understand your various symptoms and diseases and how to take back control of these.
  • What is the Microbiome and how is it responsible for your immune system
  • Why don’t we heal?

Space is limited to 20 people so please make sure you confirm your booking asap.

In order to be enrolled in our Wellness Made Easy programme you have to attend this free workshop first.

More about our Wellness Made Easy Programme

Sign up as members and order your organic box

IMG_5690 Collage.jpg


Terra Madre SA provides a much needed service in Pretoria. We sell organic produce on behalf of the local small farmers in the form of a weekly organic box scheme.

We make contracts with the farmers in advance – guaranteeing to purchase their produce and thus giving them some income security.

Our customers who want to take part in this scheme must sign up for the box scheme and pay for their weekly box advance. Terra Madre SA is a Community Supported Agriculture scheme (CSA) that facilitates the commitment between the micro-farmers and the consumers/members.

Our objective is to foster growing connections between the farmers and members, and we encourage members to get involved by volunteering or simply coming to visit some of the farms and meet the inspiring micro-farmers. Regular tours are offered which is a great way to see the farming in action and show your family where their lovely fresh food is coming from.

Who are the farmers?

In order to supply their produce to our box scheme, the farmers need to have achieved high levels of quality and need to be farming according to strict organic principles. Training and support from us and others is helping to bring more and more eligible micro-farmers into our supply chain.

Who are the consumers/members?

Terra Madre SA started in 2012 with box orders of 10 per week. By the end of 2015 we average 40 boxes a week but we now need to remodel our system in order to manage supply and demand.

Many of our existing members have been ordering from our mailing list which carries over 10 pages of products. With the growing interest, and more and more people subscribing to this socially and environmentally responsible way of obtaining healthy, organic produce,  we need to request that should you want to be part of this project, you sign up as a member and commit to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly orders, payable in advance.

Cost of the boxes:

Mini (8 half portions): R85

Half (6 items): R95

Medium (9 items): R135

Standard (12 items): R180

Jumbo (16 items): R215

This can be paid quarterly or monthly. Debit orders are usually the easiest, but we also take EFT and Cards in store.

How does it work?

Members fill in a simple sign-up form, in which they select their box size and preferred collection day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). Once the new member has received their first invoice and made the payment (including a once-off deposit for their box), they will be added to the member list and can start collecting their weekly box. Each week members return their box and collect their new box.

Why choose Terra Madre SA?

By becoming a member you are supporting a growing community of micro-farmers to have dignified, sustainable livelihoods. Terra Madre SA is driving the urban farming movement in Gauteng that has poverty relief and sustainable, responsible consumerism at its heart. You will experience that the quality of the produce is very high, and probably the freshest you can access in Pretoria and we carry the widest variety of fresh, organic, hormone free, free range produce in Pretoria.

Please join us in this positive movement.

Sign up now