Terra Madre

Sign up as a member – receive your organic box

Terra Madre SA provides a much-needed service in Pretoria. We sell organic produce on behalf of the local small farmers in the form of a weekly organic box scheme. Terra Madre SA is a Community Supported Agriculture scheme (CSA) that facilitates the commitment between the micro-farmers and the consumers/members.

We make contracts with the farmers in advance – guaranteeing to buy their produce and thus giving them some income security.

Our customers wanting to be part of this must sign up for the box scheme and pay for their box in advance.

Who are the farmers?

In order to supply their produce to our box scheme, the farmers need to have achieved high levels of quality and need to be farming according to strict organic principles. Training and support from us and others is helping to bring more and more eligible micro-farmers into our supply chain.

Who are our consumers/members?

Enlightened people who want to eat healthier, live more consciously, support humane and ethical local businesses, and lower their footprint on our planet.

Are you one of those?

Great! Then sign up as a member and commit to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly orders, payable in advance.
Our options at the moment include:
Farm-fresh, free-range, grass-fed milk (raw or pasteurised)
Locally made organic cheese or cream or yoghurt
Free-range eggs
Organic, seasonal fruit, herbs and vegetables from ethical farms
Artisan organic, stone ground bread
Top quality organic, free range, chicken, beef, lamb, farmed Tilapia.
A recipe suggestion for the items in your box

1. Mini: R100
2. Medium: R150
3. Standard: R200
4. Jumbo: R250

Special order forms are available with each of the above options for the additional goodies you want to add to your box.

All of the above can be altered for Banting, Vegan, Vegetarian options.

This can be paid quarterly or monthly in advance via EFT or card in our store.

How does it work?

Members complete a sign-up form, in which they select their box size and preferred collection/delivery day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). Once the new member has received their first invoice and made the payment (including a once-off deposit for their box), they will be added to the member list and can start receiving their weekly box of yummy goodies. Each week members return their box/jars and collect their new box and get a R3 refund for their glass jars.

You can sign up with us on our Facebook page 

Why choose Terra Madre SA?

By becoming a member you are supporting a growing community of micro-farmers to have dignified, sustainable livelihoods. Terra Madre SA is driving the urban farming movement in Gauteng that has poverty relief and sustainable, responsible consumerism at its heart. You will experience that the quality of the produce is very high, and probably the freshest you can access in Pretoria and we carry the widest variety of fresh, organic, hormone free, free range produce in Pretoria.

Please join us in this positive movement.